Buy used cars online

Lots of car dealerships now offer hassle-free alternatives to traditional used car buying. You can compare cars and narrow down the car you want from the comfort of your own home, instead of traipsing around lots of different car showrooms.

Buying a used car online is perfectly safe and easy. Garages will offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, this kind of selling is classed as distance selling, so this ensures you can return the car for a full refund should there be any issues.

If you buy used cars online, make sure you are buying an approved used car from a reputable dealer.

You should get a warranty when you buy used cars online, when you are buying a quality used car a dealership should cover their claims by providing a warranty to protect anything if it goes wrong, for further peace of mind, you can always extend the warranty yourself.

There are three main steps when you buy used cars online:

Choose the car you want whatever is important to you, budget, size of the car, etc make sure you have the car that is right for you.

Once approved, you will be able to sign your agreement online, you will need proof of identity and a few bits of basic information.

Decide if you want the car delivered or you would like to collect it from the dealership. Most dealerships will offer you the option and you may choose whichever is more convenient to you.

Buy used cars online