Cat Vaccination

Are you wondering whether to give your cat a cat vaccination? We would suggest the only answer to this question is YES!

Grey cat

A cat vaccination will protect your cat against several diseases some of which can even be fatal. A cat vaccination confers immunity by exposing your cat to a small but totally harmless dose of the diseases that a cat may catch, it works in the same way as a flu jab does for us humans.

In fact, one of the diseases a cat vaccination will protect your pet from is cat flu, it is extremely common in the UK and can be serious especially in older cats and kittens. It is spread by cats to other cats by sneezing or contact, symptoms are pretty much the same as human flu, high temperature, lethargy, runny nose, and eyes. A regular cat vaccination will keep them protected from this.

Another disease that a cat vaccination will protect your cat from is feline leukaemia, this is a viral disease transmitted through a cat fight or grooming, it is a particularly nasty disease which can take months to fully develop after the initial infection but starts to suppress the cat’s immune system which can cause further infections, tumours and even death. Vaccination is the only way to bring the disease under control.

Another quite common cat disease is Chlamydophila Felis, the main symptom of this conjunctivitis and is mainly seen in multi cat households and in young kittens.

Cat vaccinations must be given to your pet regularly and where necessary boosters should be given to keep the vaccinations up to date and working.

A vet will keep a record of all the vaccinations your cat has had or will need and should keep in contact to remind you when they are due.